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The New and Improved Gay_Boys

Tomorrow's Amateur Pornstars Today!

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Rules Of The Community:

There are no rules!!!!!!

Post whatever you want. Just know that if you post annoying things such as quizzes and other various lame posts, don't come crying to the moderators when the group attacks you. We won't save you.

No posts will be deleted by the moderators. Not even posts made by trolls. If you can't laugh at the trolls, then you are lame and we don't want you in our community anyways.

We are gay, so expect some cattiness. If you can't handle it, then go join some GSA community. I'm sure they would love to hear about all the serious issues you have floating around in your boring little head.

All posts are welcome. If you want to post something serious, funny, egotistical, compliment fishing, catty, bitchy, rude, hateful, sad, joyful, informative, etc. They are all welcome and encouraged. But again....be prepared for whatever comments will be made.

Most importantly....the moderators will let the community discuss and debate and share anything that they would like, no matter what. They will accept everyone and let everyone say what they want. Even the ugly members.