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KARMIC CYCLE EXPERIMENT - I NEED YOUR HELP! [Mar. 20th, 2008|06:43 pm]
The New and Improved Gay_Boys

Can One Good Deed Change the World?

Human existence is plagued by negative cycles of behavior. Centuries old prejudices are inherited from generation to generation, wars have wracked our planet since the beginning of civilization, abuse and abusive behaviors have been handed down in families to form never ending chains of cruelty.

In ancient Japan, some people once believed that humans were descended, not from apes, but from wolves. Perhaps this theory evolved from an observation of wolf society. Wolf society has much in common with human civilization: they have a strict chain-of-command; each member of the pack is totally reliant on the strength, movement and swift action of the pack – they hunt and live as a team, a social web which determines the destiny of each among the pack. If a wolf is ousted from his or her pack, they must either form their own pack or join another. If a lone wolf doesn’t find a new place among their fellow wolves, it will surely die. It’s just as I write this now that I realize that this must have been the evolution of the domesticated dog – ousted from their own packs, these once lone wolves must have joined human packs and linked their destiny with our own. Wolves and humans are highly social creatures; we live, thrive and multiply with the support of our peers.

We would like to believe that we are independent of the forces of the universe and some would like to believe that we are free of the forces of our own actions, but no body on heaven or earth is truly independent, but interdependent instead. Our motion, our actions are all grounded around our attitudes and the attitudes of those around us; just like the planets in our solar system rotate around the sun. The gravity of positive or negative intentions causes the cycling of our behavior. In the East, this philosophy is referred to as karma, or the “fruit” resulting from one’s actions; you reap what you sow.

As I was drawn outdoors this morning for workout, I noticed our neighbors had left the lights on in their car. I walked around the block and, as I was circling back, I noticed that their lights were still on. I climbed the stairs to their residence and alerted the couple’s children who told their mother. I watched only as their mother descended the stairs towards her car before continuing around the other side of the adjacent street. For a moment, I thought, shouldn’t she know that I was the one to save her the hassle of a dead battery? Am I doing her a disservice by not allowing her to thank me for my conscientiousness? Then it occurred to me that this was a positive karmic cycle in action. To truly reap the rewards of the positive cycle I had set in motion my actions had to remain pure and selfless.

I have decided to embark upon a grand experiment and I invite you to join me in the creation of a positive karmic cycle to encompass the globe with good deeds, selfless acts of kindness and a message of peace and love. If you wish to join me, no money is required. The only thing required is that you commit yourself to one positive, selfless deed a day for (at least) one year – it’s my feeling that, once you begin, you will not want to quit – and spread the word about the experiment, encouraging others to become involved. Remember: a cycle has no beginning and no end; thusly the good deeds that you deposit in your karmic bank are sure to pay dividends unto you.

Just as the heavenly bodies are governed by the laws of physics, your actions should be governed by the laws of karma, which are as follows:

1. Each kind action that you do must be entirely selfless – you may ask for no recognition or repayment of any kind
2. There is no limit to good karma which you may amass – you’re not limited to one good deed a day, there is no maximum
3. While it is great contribute money to a cause, this experiment is meant to affect change on a personal level – you are encouraged to do good for your fellow man in a meaningful and direct way, as face-to-face with interaction as is possible
4. This experiment is meant to add to the goodwill of all humanity, regardless of race, gender, political or religious affiliation, sexual preference and without regard to class or strata of society
5. I encourage you to spread the word of the experiment to as many people as possible to carry the message of peace and good will to all men and women and build a cycle of positive karma to span the globe. Change one life and you change the world.

Furthermore, I invite you to build a community forum based on this experiment. Joining and participating in this community will always be free of charge. I would hope that participants in this experiment share stories of your good deeds and their rewards within your life. I have procured a web domain, www.karmiccycle.org. I am no web designer, but I would like for this to serve a communication portal for all taking part in this human experiment. It would be great to have web banners so that members can declare their intentions to expand the karmic cycle, perhaps even cards that they can print out and hand to those that they do deeds for so that they may continue the cycle of giving.

If you would like to help, here’s how:

1. Join me in making the commitment to perpetuate the karmic cycle and its message around the world. Make a commitment to do one kind and selfless deed a day for one year
2. Spread the word of the experiment to friends and family and those that you aide with your deeds
3. Repost this message so that more may join the experiment
4. I’m not a web or graphic designer, so it would be great if those with more talent create a space for the community and media so that we may spread the message
5. Reap the cosmic karmic reward of your good deeds

Thank you for your support!

Best Karmic Wishes!

P.S. – You may contact me at karmiccycle@live.com.

Dubai [Mar. 19th, 2008|09:23 am]
The New and Improved Gay_Boys

Being a homo in some super Christian town in the backwoods of Alabama isn't going to be all that much better for your health than living in Afghanistan. I mean, sure, you're not going to be publicly hanged and stoned by the authorities, but that sure isn't going to stop you from getting the shit beat out of you in a back alley and left for dead--and a lot of the neighbors would probably say you deserved it for being a filthy sodomite. But you can always go to a larger city where things are much better.

Do you suppose that Dubai, growing so rapidly into this ridiculous metropolis, with a huge and presumably broad international tourism industry, will be a place where Middle-Eastern homos could escape to to express themselves more freely than some little village somewhere in the country?

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Shirtless hot men + Singing in French = Awesome [Mar. 8th, 2008|07:53 pm]
The New and Improved Gay_Boys

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Homophobia is for Faggots (video edition) [Mar. 8th, 2008|02:26 pm]
The New and Improved Gay_Boys

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thought I would post [Mar. 6th, 2008|09:14 am]
The New and Improved Gay_Boys

[how slutty? |contentcontent]
[Britney or Christina? |should I love him or not Namie Amuro]

got a new haircut among other things so ...
thought to postCollapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 20th, 2008|10:09 pm]
The New and Improved Gay_Boys

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Fuck you Fred Phelps.. er.. I mean Love you.. [Jan. 26th, 2008|06:03 pm]
The New and Improved Gay_Boys
So in his infinite, god given no doubt, wisdom.. the "reverend" Fred Phelps from the westboro baptist church has decided to picket and protest the funeral of Heath Ledger. I am not sure if you know who Fred Phelps is.. but he is a man who runs sites such as godhatesfags, godhatesamerica, and my personal fav godhatescanada.com or maybe it's .org I try not to frequent sites like that.

The reason behind the protests is because a few years back Heath played dress up with Jake Gyllenhaal *how do you spell that name!?* and now he is no doubt burning in hell along with Matthew Shepherd, Coretta Scott King, and dead US soldiers.

Fuck you Fred Phelps.

Fuck you and your "God given" right to judge and condemn anyone you like to hell. Even though the Old Testament doesn't mention Hell ONCE.. and the New Testament has neither one quote of Jesus condemning homosexuality, nor a quote of him condemning someone for playing a homosexual on TV. However I can understand why they are both two sides of the same coin for Phelps.. he and most Christians think being gay is a choice anyways.

*looks at checklist of ignorance and checks off another one*

I am a strong supporter of free speech and freedom of expression but stupidity of the actions of Phelps need only one response.. a counter protest or even a vigil to mourn the loss of Heath Ledger, I hope that his fans who are in the same area as the funeral come out in droves. I hope the homosexuals who are offended by this near the place of his funeral come out in droves, I hope that people who are offended by this sick gesture come out in droves. How embarrassing it must be for the average Christian who only secretly feels that gays are going to burn in hell. *or how empowering?* I tell you if I was around the area of Heaths funeral you know I'd be there protesting this injustice.. and how would I protest?

Well I'd take the Lords message. I'd love them.. I've love 'em good. (Matthew 5:43-47) Homophobes tend to be closeted gay dudes anyways ("I have a wide stance.") and knowing someone hates me so much is kind of a turn on.


Fuck You Fred Phelps.
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(no subject) [Jan. 19th, 2008|07:03 pm]
The New and Improved Gay_Boys

It was very nice and fun to operate a snarky, bitchy substitute for a few months before rigor mortis set in, but did you all know about this?



And seriously, cheers to use_responsibly [EDIT: even though he's clearly a freak and a psychopath] for grabbing it when it came back onto the LJ market again. Great timing, biotch.

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Corey Delaney [Jan. 15th, 2008|05:22 pm]
The New and Improved Gay_Boys

[Britney or Christina? |Jamiroquai - Corner of the Earth]

    Everyone, say hello to Corey Delaney.

In case you haven't heard, Corey hosted a party in Melbourne, Australia on Saturday night. His parents had left for a holiday in another state, so Corey did the obvious thing n his empty house. After being posted on Myspace, over 500 people turned up. In the end, police helicopters, 2 riot teams, and the police dogs were called in to break the party up. The Australian public has turned against him, and the police now want to hit him with a $20,000 bill. His entire neighborhood was trashed from the party.

His comments? "Best party ever. That's what all my friends have said".

And as for advice to any other kids home alone? "Get me to do your party."

Vote him our new social coordinator?
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More Pictures of Tippi Peppermint! [Jan. 10th, 2008|09:24 pm]
The New and Improved Gay_Boys


Originally uploaded by milomilomy
These are pictures from Wednesday nights show. It was a benefit for Gay Officers Alliance League. SO much fun. My first number was Christina's "Candyman", that one was in the white outfit. Second, in the red and black, was Goldfrapp's "Ooh La La". I was kind of drunk for that one, so I thought it was a lot better. I got hit on by a creepy clown fucker, and almost slapped him. How awesome would that have looked.... a drag queen bitch slapping some douche!

Check out the pictures!
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